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Today we had a little playdate for Squidge and his friends.

Saturday mornings are usually dedicated to football for the older boys, but this week only my eldest was playing so I had the morning at home. I took the rare opportunity to do something especially for Squidge, and so two of his little friends came round for a Teletubbies themed playdate.

The free downloadable #TubbyPlaydate planner pack is available from their website and it’s a great resource for those of us with a little less time to prepare than we’d like.

The Tubby Playdate pack contains lots of useful pages including recipes, activities, invitations, tips and create-your-own decorations. Everything we need to prepare for the perfect playdate.

My one year old has always been fascinated by the Teletubbies and amazed me when at 14 months he even sat through a live Teletubbies performance without so much as a murmur of complaint. So today, when he saw a new DVD, crayons, sticker book, Teletubby plates and colouring pages he was pretty excited!

We actually cheated a little bit and used the plates after breakfast yesterday, but we did save some for our playdate friends too! A further confession is that we watched the DVD in advance as well, though that’s mainly because a playdate isn’t really the time for watching TV but rather for playing with friends.

During this morning’s actual playdate we had a lot of fun with the stickers. They are supposed to be placed on certain pages of the busy book really but we used some as reward stickers for building great rainbow towers!

The older toddlers who visited did some colouring in and Squidge did try to join in, but that activity went a bit awry when I had to remove a half chewed wax crayon from his mouth…

Not one to be deterred though I moved the children on to our next game where they were required to stick the tubby custard onto the poster. That was a lot of fun and even my older two had a go, although they did add spinning around and general foolery into the mix of course.

The suggested activities within the playdate pack are great. Bubble games, finger painting and making headbands are all featured, with more ideas in there too.

I had been planning on a messy play tuff spot activity this weekend with Squidge though so I went ahead with it for the play date. We looked at colours and mixing and the boys had a fun time watching the spaghetti change colours and mixing them all together!

After all the activity the toddlers were in need of something to eat and drink, so back inside we went to enjoy our teletubby picnic and do some more playing.

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