Kids in the kitchen: Easter Biscuits

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We have been trying to encourage the boys to be a little more self sufficient in the kitchen lately. Now they are seven and ten, there are a few little snacks and even meals they can learn to make for themselves, or with little supervision. I’m sure that sandwiches and salads are a great place to start and they can make those, but my main aim at the moment is to develop their interest in food preparation, so today we’re starting with Easter biscuits.

I have never heard of Easter biscuits before but I found an old recipe book in my Grandma’s kitchen and happened upon this recipe.

The boys were a bit reluctant to join in at first so I invited them to help but then got started by myself. I was really pleased to discover some little helpers appearing in the kitchen shortly afterwards, and we carried on together.

The recipe doesn’t take long at all, which I have found to be a blessing when trying to get these boys to try something new! Once the biscuits were shaped, off they went into the oven to bake.

I think the boys were rather encouraged to help out with this particular recipe since the finished product was a biscuit… not sure if they would be quite so enthusiastic about vegetables! I’ve been having a look around the internet for some little aids, gadgets or equipment that would help them to do more in the kitchen. I was looking for a knife, specifically, which was sharp enough to cut vegetables but not dangerous for children. After much searching I found one via so that’s on it’s way to us now! Saw some cute cookie cutters there too!

Halfway there…

Once the biscuits were part-baked, we needed to eggwash them and finish the cooking for a little longer. The boys were really excited about the prospect of their imminent treat by now, and kept popping back to the oven to peek at their lovely creations.

Finally, the Easter biscuits were done! The boys devoured almost half of them before they were cool, they gave some to Grandma and their brother, I got one and the visiting hairdresser got one too… and then they were gone!

I think it’s safe to say that the Easter biscuits were a hit! We’ll be making them again, and hopefully packaging them up to give as gifts when Easter arrives.

That’s if any make it out of the kitchen without being nibbled!



  1. I love that you are getting your boys baking. Over the years, I’ve had to loosen my tendency to want to be perfect when baking with the children. Its now much more enjoyable. That looks like a great recipe to start the kids off baking x

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