What Are The UK’s Favourite Interior Design Styles?

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Up and down the country there are stylish homes that have their very own take on interior design. Interior design is largely down to your own personal sense of style, much like fashion, however, that said, there are lots of common themes that we so often see in interior design.
So, with this in mind, we have put together some of the UK’s favourite interior design styles, those that are seen in a number of homes in the UK.


Who doesn’t love the idea of living in luxury? It seems that plenty of us do. A luxury home is one that is full of drama, beauty and style. One that has a real sense of grandeur and is packed full of bold choices in furniture and finishing touches. If you like the idea of having a luxury home then you might want to add in plenty of cold, copper and brass as well as opting for velvet and fur for the cushions, throws and even the fabrics that make up your furniture.

World Inspired

Whilst we might not get to travel to far flung places in our lives, that doesn’t mean that we cannot bring a touch of different cultures to our homes. The idea behind those homes that are definitely world inspired is that the colours and prints that you go for are bold and vibrant, there are lots of textures and embroidery is often an addition that you are likely to see. Homes that are world inspired will have lots of different linens and they often have a number of colours and textures brought together to create a rich and varied colour scheme.

Hygge Living

Hygge and Scandinavian living has definitely proven to be one of the most popular interior design styles out there at the moment. High street stores have seen a huge increase of pieces inspired by this popular interior design style. Natural colours and textures are often the style with this design theme and you will find plenty of colour shades and wooden touches too.


Modern interior design is often about a lack of colour, just as much as it is about colour. Neutral colour schemes have become more and more popular of late. Greys, creams, beiges and whites all come together to create a crisp and clean look which is ideal for any style of home. The great thing about opting for a neutral colour scheme is that it is then really easy to change things up and add in different touches as you wish. Not only this, but it also goes hand in hand with family life, creating a crisp and clean look for your home.

Clever storage

Storage is key in any home, which is why it has made its way as a form of interior design on its own. Furniture has changed, which means that whilst you want to make sure that is comfortable and stylish, it can also be multi-functional. Think coffee tables with built in cabinets or beds that have drawers underneath them. These are the fundamental basics of clever interior design and is definitely a trend that is growing and changing as people’s needs change and grow too.

We love seeing how new interior design trends come and old ones go. There are, of course, those that stick around, however, they often see some tweaks and changes which make them new and existing. The most important thing to remember when it comes to interior design is that whilst you may take your inspiration from the world around you, it should really be a reflection of you as a person, your home life and of course your family too. Then you can make sure that your home is exactly what you need it to be.

Love the idea of any of these styles for your home? Want to find out how you can create them for yourself? There are so many great places to head for interior design inspiration. Whether it is in the finishing touches that you choose, or something a little bolder such as a statement piece of furniture, there are online stores that you can find exactly what you are looking for.

It doesn’t matter if it is popular wingback chairs, a stylish coffee table, a dining table suitable for the entire family, or a bed that you cannot wait to sink into, finding the right piece of furniture to fit in with your chosen interior design style is sure to be the finishing touch that you need for your home.

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