What to do with your talented child

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It’s the dream of every parent to have a child that is so much more clever than they are. It’s in our blood to want the next generation to live better lives than we did. It’s only natural that we push our children to be smarter, more athletic and generally more talented than we were when we were their age. Not every child will have the same mental capacity as the next; therefore they may find problem-solving more difficult than the rest. So what can or should you do when you do realise that your child is gifted? However it’s important to nurture these kinds of children as giving up on them early will stamp on an awaiting bud, ready to sprout. Noticing that your child is at the top of his or her class is a nice warm feeling. First of all, it shows you’re doing something right by being there for them when they go through their homework each night. The other is that they are paying attention at school and feel as if learning is fun and benefiting them.

Talk to their teacher

It’s general practice to just wait and see how things pan out when your child is showing signs of child genius at a young age. Specifically, primary school is more so about fun and knowledge rather than the secondary school which is heading into more serious academia. At secondary school, if you can see that your child is getting top marks for their homework and coursework, have a talk with them first. If they would like something a little more challenging, then you should contact their teacher to set up a meeting. At this meeting, you can ask their form teacher and year head if your child could be put into more advanced classes. Schools are generally welcoming of parents’ requests as long as you’re not imposing on the school’s way of teaching.

Exclusive education

Contrary to what socialist rhetoric in the public forum might preach, private schools are actually a win-win. First of all, a decent amount of children are taken out of the public sphere, and more school places open up. Secondly, you should also only worry about your child’s future and not anyone else’s. If you have a talented daughter, it’s relevant for you to consider an educational route such as Leicester High is a private school. Much like other private schools, it’s an exclusive educational establishment. The curriculum is not like the standard national type that is circulated and implemented by state-run schools. Your daughter will be getting a more advanced teaching about different and sometimes unique subject matters that she wouldn’t learn in normal schools. There’s also a great focus on activities that are outside the classroom. Learning about nature and the world around them, pupils at private schools go one step further than just a once-a-week PE lesson.

When you have a talented child, let them blossom to their fullest extent. It’s every parent dream to have a bright child in the family. Give them the proper start in life so they can give back to society more with their talents.

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