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The boys have trialled a website called Maths Whizz over the last couple of weeks, as the maths programme they have been using doesn’t seem to be challenging them quite as much as it used to.

Maths Whizz is part of Whizz Education, and have this to say about themselves:

At Whizz Education, we believe that every child deserves a learning experience that caters to their individual needs and pace of learning. That’s why we built Maths-Whizz, our ground-breaking virtual tutoring service.

When they first sign up to Maths Whizz, children take an assessment. My seven year old didn’t like this at all and it was quite a challenge to get him to complete it. I think he works best in short bursts, though you can save and exit the assessment and return to it later so that might be an option for those who feel the same way as my son!

My ten year old had an entirely different view. He was excited to see his score and as he watched a roller coaster of progress at each assessment interval, he had visual encouragement on the screen which spurred him on.

The professor is a constant key figure within the programme, providing encouragement and suggesting targets throughout.

The main dashboard area is the office. Here you can check all your stats and progress, decorate your room, read messages and click through to the shop to spend the coins you earn from answering questions correctly.

As the boys were working through their questions, there were some very funny noises coming from the computer! All the questions are set out in a fun way, and there isn’t a boring looking page in sight. Both children really liked this aspect of Maths Whizz, and I would say they felt a little less like they were ‘working’ because of the layout and presentation of the questions.

Topics are fully explained and examples are given before children are tasked. This gives them the knowledge and the confidence they need to apply that knowledge before they begin.

Something I particularly liked about Maths Whizz was that I could find exactly the topic I wanted to work on with the boys. For parents, the website is really easy to navigate and user friendly. If I can see the boys need to work a little more in a particular area, I can focus on that with them by finding it within the website. Of course, I don’t have to do this really because the programme will track their progress, strengths and areas for improvement anyway.

This was my ten year old’s report card after he completed his initial assessment. As children work through the tasks within Maths Whizz, their report cards will reflect their progress and the children will be able to see how they’re doing. I think this is a great tool for self motivation and I can see how it would be a great incentive to children.

I think we would use this programme if it was the only maths resource we were using for home education. Subscription is at the higher end of the scale, at £149 per year, though there are sibling discounts available and monthly payments are also accepted.

For more information and to access a free trial visit the Maths Whizz website.

Thank you to Whizz Education for allowing the boys to trial their resource.

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