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I’ve never made a video using iMovie before, but I have been faced with some video editing issues on the laptop so I thought I’d give iMovie a try. I think it worked out quite well in the end, considering I’m a complete amateur!

Robot was given a TMNT Shaker Maker for Christmas and was keen to try it out so I took the opportunity to practice my video editing skills. Naturally, I use the term ‘skills’ with some degree of hesitation but as I say to the kids – if at first you don’t succeed, be stubborn enough to refuse to give up.

Here’s Robot’s first ever demo video … Enjoy!

The TMNT Shaker Maker is aimed at children aged 5 and over but as you can see, Robot managed fine at four years old. The only difficult bit was the painting but although Robot’s approach to ‘delicate’ is somewhat different to mine, he really enjoyed himself so I’m certainly not complaining.

Since Robot got this for Christmas I don’t know where it was bought from or how much it was but have it for £13.00. I’m sure you can get it cheaper if you shop around.

I’m linking up with Chelsea Mama’s Vloject52 in the hope of improving my video taking and editing techniques over the coming months. To see more Vloject52 videos click the button below.

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  1. It looks like a fab craft and I love the video…especially the finished painted effect! I saw these in Home Bargain just before Christmas and almost bought one for Meg but didn’t think she’d get on with it, might have a look if they are still there. #sharefriday
    Jess @ Catch A Single Thought recently posted…Bye-Bye ChristmasMy Profile

    1. He was so co-operative, I was quite surprised really. I can see him being something of a diva though – he’ll be demanding chocolate buttons in his dressing room next time I want to film him 🙂

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