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This summer we’ve been using the BooginHead SplatMat whilst on our adventures. It has quickly become one of the things I keep in the car or the changing bag at all times because it’s really useful, so let me tell you why I love it!

BooginHead is a brand I first heard about when I was on holiday in Orlando earlier this year. I lost four of Squidge’s dummies in the first two days of our holiday, so I went to Walgreen’s and bought a BooginHead dummy clip. It was really funky and did a great job so the brand name popped out at me when I saw an opportunity to review another of their products.

The SplatMat is a large, round, wipe clean, compact, versatile piece of kit. More specifically:


It fits under any high chair either at home or out and about

I don’t know about everyone else, but at 13 months old my kid drops food all. the. time. The BooginHead SplatMat is absolutely perfect for this! Here’s Squidge eating pasta on our camping trip a few weeks ago. He tries to use his cutlery but mainly he eats with his hands. Anything that drops onto the mat is saved from instant ruin by having the mat on the grass underneath him. (To be fair he’s probably eaten worse things than a bit of grass at forest school but we’ll gloss over that.)

The 52” round design covers more area than a typical square mat

The shape of the mat means Squidge has more room to move around without smushing his snack into the grass or forest floor. It also means we can both sit on it!

It is compact for easy travel and folds up small enough to fit in the changing bag

As I’ve mentioned already, the SplatMat has a permanent place in the car now and if we’re going out for a walk, picnic, adventure or to forest school it comes along in Squidge’s changing bag. I like to use it at forest school especially as the ground can be a bit uncomfortable but I will be wearing the baby so it’s good to be able to unstrap him and put him down, knowing he is safe from any stray stinging nettles or sharp twigs and suchlike.

It’s also great for picnics, parks, airports, art projects and beaches

…and alfresco breakfast!

What better way to enjoy your breakfast than in the fresh early morning air? The only problem with that of course is the dew on the grass… unless you have a super duper mat to sit on!

The material used to make the SplatMat is BPA and phthalate free, and the mat is reusable, durable and so easy to clean. It’s really, genuinely useful in so many situations.

Thank you to BooginHead for letting us review their lovely mat.

*We received this complimentary product for the purpose of this review.

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