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The only nappies I have for Squidge that I know I can rely on for a whole night are Close Pop-in. I’ve had two for a couple of months now and they have never let me down – even on the first use when reusables aren’t always at their full absorbency.

It’s a bonus really that the prints are super cute – look at this little munchkin!

Close Pop-in are not the cheapest cloth nappies on the market, nor are they the most expensive. I do think though that you get what you pay for and these are worth their weight in gold – even when wet!

These nappies have an adjustable velcro fastening and come in newborn size as well as a birth to potty size, known as V2. The newborn nappies are perfect for those early weeks.

Close say:

Our Pop-in newborn nappy is an affordable way to bridge the gap between tiny baby and birth to potty sizing. Unlike our standard one size Pop-in it is specially designed to be used on a tiny or prem baby straight from birth. Unlike its older sibling, the outerwrap can be easily be wiped clean and re-used if not soiled, leaving you to just switch the soaker over come change time…easy! The clever double sided design means you can choose, 100% soya… known as vegetable cashmere or stay dry suede cloth against baby’s delicate skin…We think it is just Close common sense!

I love these nappies and have found them to be fantastic – and now you can win two!

Please note:

This giveaway is for two Close Pop-ins in NEWBORN size. One in the squirrel print shown in the photo above and one in the raccoon print. No alternative is available.

Two Close Pop-in Newborn Nappies


  1. My favorite print is the raccoon print as I love the mustard colour, and that its a neutral colour. We’re having a surprise due on halloween. 🙂

  2. I love the orange hedgehog print the most, would love to try this with my little man, fingers crossed 🙂

  3. I love Herman Monster although the entire range is fun. Herman Monster is nicely bright and unisex so ideal for a new baby gift.

  4. Love the Hedgehog print……mainly because we have an adorable hedgehog occasionally visit our garden! Plus the print is unisex which is a bonus. Cute!

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