Dealing with Eczema in babies

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Eczema is something my husband has suffered with throughout his life. Our two older boys have never been affected by it, but E showed signs from being newborn. An early indicator was E’s cradle cap, which was there from birth. I didn’t really give it any thought at the time as all three boys had it as small babies.

During his first few weeks though, E’s skin started coming up in dry, sometimes flaky patches. We had been send some Skinfix products for this type of skin condition before he was born but I hadn’t had any opportunity to put it to the test until then. I tried using the lotion and the balm and for about six months it worked really well.

When this latest flare up happened though, the Skinfix products just didn’t help. So I took E down to the GP surgery where we saw a lovely nurse practitioner. She has given us a couple of different creams to try but the purpose of this post is to put together a few tips I’ve picked up while doing my research around E’s eczema.

Cut down on bathing

I know the fairytale evening with a squishy snuggly baby is bath, bottle, book, bed but bathing will only dry out babies’ skin even more. We now bath E every other night but the eczema always flares up straight afterwards. We are currently trying Dermol lotion and cream though which can be added to bath water as well as being applied topically, so we will find out whether or not that works for us.

Consider what might have changed

An unexpected flare up of eczema may have been triggered by a change in washing detergent, soap, or environment. Have a quick think about any changes you may have made recently.

Switch clothing materials

I now try to dress E in 100% cotton clothing only. I thought it would be a fairly difficult task but since he’s a baby, many clothes are already made with sensitive skin in mind. He does tend to wear either rompers or joggers and t shirts all the time, but at least the materials shouldn’t be contributing to his itchy skin.

Assess your environment

Is the dog moulting? Got any DIY or building work going on? A change in environmental conditions can trigger a flare up of eczema. Sometimes these things are unavoidable but be mindful of them and minimise these types or changes wherever possible.

Don’t stop treatment

If you find a cream, ointment, lotion or magic potion to fix or improve your eczema that’s great, but once the skin has improved don’t just stop. Doing this means you may be risking another flare up and that’s no good at all! Keep up with the application of whatever you’ve found that works for you, or at least take some kind of preventative measure against a flare up.

I have taken advice from several friends, family members, websites and medical professionals since E’s eczema started being a problem for him, but this post does not constitute medical advice. It is merely a useful list of tips I’ve picked up along the way.

Find what’s right for you

We have tried three different creams for E’s eczema and he’s only 6 months old. One thing I was told was to remember that while one treatment may work wonders on one baby, it may do nothing for the next. Keep trying until you find what suits your baby best. Try each treatment for at least 5 days unless it makes the eczema worse. If that happens then obviously stop using it.

Do you have experience of dealing with eczema? Please do pass on any tips and tricks you’d like to recommend!


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