Design The Perfect Nursery For The Sweetest Dreams

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If you have recently found out you’re expecting or, you have been pregnant for a few months, you might be starting to think about getting things ready. In particular, you could be eager to crack on with the design of the nursery. Arguably, planning and creating the nursery is one of the best and brightest parts of the build-up to giving birth. Of course, you might have your little one in with you for the first few months after you give birth. That means that you can actually set it up after your baby arrives. Although, you’ll definitely find you have more time to spare before this. So, what type of ideas could you consider for your nursery?

Star Light, Star Bright

One possibility you can think about is setting up a starlight ceiling for your nursery. This will cost a couple hundred, but it will look absolutely stunning. The easiest way to do this is to set the lights up in the ceiling and then put what is essentially a fake ceiling over it. This allows the twinkle lights to be set into the ceiling and win the light is off it really will look something similar to a night sky. Particularly if you are creative and brave enough paint the fake ceiling black. If you don’t have a lot of DIY skill, there are services available that will set this up so you won’t have to worry about it going wrong. You can read more about star ceilings on

Dear Decals

Another possibility that could definitely appeal to those who aren’t DIY friendly is Wall Decals. Wall decals present you with a simple way to decorate the room. You can get wall decals with all of your favourite characters from Disney cartoons to beautiful princesses. Let’s face it, at an early age, kids only see colours and shapes. So, if you choose to have specific details in the nursery like Ariel on the wall, it’s for you rather than the baby to appreciate. Wall Decals are super simple to put up. You can stick them to the wall by pushing them flat and then peeling off the sticker side. You can even get 3D effects such as open windows that look tremendous.

Sweet Dreams

You definitely want a few accessories in your nursery to ensure that you can get your little one to sleep. You might want to look at the cribs offered on sites like Since they’re light, you can easily rock these cribs yourself and get your baby to snooze soundlessly. Alternatively, you might want to think about getting yourself a rocking chair. That way, you can hold the baby and who knows the gentle movements might send you to sleep too.

Baby Monitor

Finally, you definitely want to make sure a baby monitor is in your plans for your new nursery. It’s important that you have a way to keep track of your little one and ensure they are sleeping, having pleasant dreams. The latest monitors are more advanced than you might think with HD video and night vision both a possibility.


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