Doctor’s Advice For Keeping Your Child Healthy This Winter

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I know it’s only September, but we have some pretty long winters these days. It feels like Autumn is barely around before we’re hit with the cold and wet weather. Aside from the weather changes and temperature drops, winter is also a time of sickness and ill health. It’s a particularly troublesome time for parents with young kids who can get sick really easily.

Keeping your child healthy this winter is all about getting a head start and learning how to prepare. So, I’ve gone around and searched for the best advice from health professionals themselves on how you can keep your kids healthy in winter.

Vaccinate Them (And Yourself)

The cold and flu viruses are in their element during winter time. It’s incredibly easy for your child to pick up either illness as they’re in school surrounded by germs for eight hours a day. When this happens, you may need a week or two off work to help them recover. Not to mention the fact that they’ll probably make everyone else in the family sick too. The easiest thing to do is get them vaccinated against the flu. To do this, you should check if you can receive your flu vaccine from your local pharmacy and get it done there. If not, you can go to your local GP instead. As well as vaccinating your child, you should try and get yourself vaccinated too to help stop the virus from spreading.

Wrap Them Up Warm

Your children should never leave the house unless they’re wrapped up nice and warm. Give them hats and scarves when it gets really cold, along with some gloves too. Make sure they’re always wearing coats and plenty of layers as well. Being cold can cause them to get a runny nose and the sniffles, which can quickly transform into the common cold. While not as serious as the flu, it’s still bad for your children to get the cold and they’ll pass it around the whole family too. Help keep them, and everyone else around them, healthy by wrapping them up warm.

Feed Them Plenty Of Fruit & Veg

Normally, it’s easy to get your kids to eat fruit during the summer months. A lot of great fruits are in season, and you can make healthy and juicy fruit salads that they’ll love. However, in winter, everything is all about warming up. They want hearty meals that make them feel warm, and fruit takes a back seat. As a result, they don’t get as many great vitamins as possible, which can weaken their immune system. Ensure they eat healthy diets and consume lots of fruit even during the winter. Things like satsumas are in season then and will be a cute little treat for them. Also, try making vegetable soup, so they have a nice warming winter meal that’s packed full of veg and nutrients to strengthen their immune system and keep them healthy.

There you have it, three tips that can help you keep your children healthy this winter. Now, you can prepare for what lies ahead and hopefully have a winter that’s not full of everyone passing the cold/flu around your house!

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