Five Ways To Get Your Children Excited About Their Dental Health

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What is it with children and avoiding at all costs to brush their teeth in a morning? As adults, many of us can think of nothing worse than not giving our teeth a good clean, but as children we were probably just as apposed at the prospect. However, it is possible to avoid any morning and bedtime drama when it comes to dental health, as well as encouraging a good routine moving forward. I thought I would share with you five ways to get your children excited about their dental health.

Make trips to the dentist a positive experience

Not all of us like a visit to the dentist, children, and even some adults, would like to avoid it if possible. However, regular check ups are vitally important for our dental health to ensure that our teeth and gums are in a healthy condition. This is when it is important to make a visit to the dentist a positive thing. Research family dentists like to make sure that it is right for you and your family, and make the trip positive by explaining exactly what it is all about. You could even make the dentist aware of anxious feelings from yourself or your children beforehand so that they know what to expect.

Allow them to pick their own toothbrush

Whether it is a new toy, some bath things or a toothbrush, children will get excited because of the responsibility of choosing something for themselves. So allowing them to pick their toothbrush and paste could be the ideal step to getting them excited to use it. Of course, it may be worth giving them a few options so that they choose something appropriate such as the right cleaning aid or brush strength. But this could be just the thing to get them excited.


Download fun apps that encourage teeth brushing for longer

There are plenty of dental specific applications you can download to your phone or tablet that encourage children to clean their teeth. Often using characters they are familiar with and enabling them to watch a song or video that is just the right amount of time for regular and maximised teeth brushing.

Talk to them about the positive aspects of good dental health

Sometimes treating your children like adults can often be a good step to gaining something from them. Explaining the importance of dental health could be enough for a child to change their opinion on the matter. As well as making them feel older and responsible for their own well-being. It may not work for younger children, but older kids should start to gain an understanding about the implications their decisions can have.

Lead by example

Finally, if your child can see you doing something they more than likely want to copy your actions. So lead by example when it comes to good dental care and you may find it has a positive effect on the whole family. This article from shares a few ways to successfully do this.

I hope you find some inspiration in some of these tips to help you get your children excited about their dental health.

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