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Squidge is 16 months now and we are well and truly entering toddlerhood. This week I’ve been packing away some of the things I used to use every day, or things that I considered to be vital, and I’m sad that many of them are no longer of use to us. The good thing is that I can pass a lot of our things on now to others, and I know they’ll get as much use out of them as I did. I’ve made a list of six newborn essentials here – things that Squidge and I enjoyed and that made our early days so much easier.


This was the best thing I ever had for any of my children. I adored being able to watch Squidge sleeping, and to have the option of soothing him back to sleep as I lay right next to him. I felt connected with him and spent many, many hours just laying in bed, staring at his little face! You can buy them online at various places – here is an Amazon aff. link for the natural Snuzpod.

Bibetta burp cloth

If there’s one thing that’s going to protect your clothing from a newborn, it’s this. Muslin squares are useful but the Bibetta burp cloth was so much more absorbent and ergonomic. It just goes right over your shoulder, protects you from the inevitable mess you get when winding a newborn (and beyond!) and is so soft you really don’t mind your baby’s face being against it. When I got the Bibetta burp cloth out this week I had forgotten just how beautifully soft it was. It’s been used and washed so many times now but it still feels gorgeous!

Leap Frog nightlight

This isn’t something we’re giving away any time soon. Squidge’s Goodnight Light has been the best thing to help him drift off each night and I honestly think we’d be lost without it! He loves it, and always has.


I haven’t ever used cloth nappies before having Squidge. A lot of time went into reading up on the different kinds of nappy and how to care for them. I found that Napisan has kept them in good condition – even my favourites which have been well used. I’d thoroughly recommend it to anyone using cloth. You can buy it at your local supermarket, or online.

Tomy Perfect Prep Machine

A perfect temperature bottle in under two minutes? That was something I could only dream of in my sleep deprived state with my older two children. This little machine though has saved just the slightest bit of my sanity this time around. It got some bad media coverage last year but I’ve checked the tubes inside my Perfect Prep regularly and with proper care it has been absolutely fine and continues to serve me well. A brilliant bit of kit.



The Doona was something I bought pre-loved because I saw my friend with one and vowed to buy one if ever I had another baby. They are quite expensive at £300. Now I’ve had one though and I know how much easier it made my life, I would pay full price for a Doona without thinking twice. This was absolutely perfect for me. I used it on the school run, when visiting relatives, it was perfect for when Squidge was asleep in the car, I took him to his brothers’ football practice in it… honestly it was just flippin’ brilliant. In case ypu don’t know, the Doona is basically a car seat with fold down wheels which makes it into a pushchair within about 10 seconds. Genius.

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