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I’m in a couple of tuff spot groups on Facebook and noticed that one of the mums from school was posting some great set ups for the tuff spot activities. These are something I’ll be doing with E once our tuff spot arrives (though I am waiting for Yodel to deliver it so it could be some time…) so I asked Lisa if she would share some of her favourites to kick start a little series here on the blog.

Here are Lisa’s top 5:

Texture tray

Lisa says: The texture tray was for valentine’s day. We used coloured pasta, rice, tissue paper, pom poms, sequins, scented play dough, lolly sticks and wooden potpourri. It was a sensory inspired tray and we wanted to experience lots of different textures and smells. We discussed all the items and what they were, how they felt, if they had a scent, what the items sounded like when dropped from or squished in our hands and fingers.

Farm tray

Lisa says: We used oats, hay, scented play doh and toy animals to create a small world tray. We discussed the animals that live on a farm, the noises they make and they food that comes from them. They enjoyed the different textures and smells from the items and loved feeling and smelling them.

Colour sorting

Lisa says: We used small items in blue, red, yellow or green. We used the jumbo tweezers to puck the items up and put them in the bowls. It was quite difficult as some of the items were very small. It was to help improve the boys fine motor skills, hand eye coordination, colour recognition and counting. My mother in law even played with this one and said it was great for her as she struggles with her right arm since having a stroke.

Messy play

Lisa says: I cooked and coloured spaghetti then buried our measuring worms in it. With coordinating jumbo tweezers and bowls they had to pick out the matching worms. It is good for fine motor skills, colour recognition and counting. Afterwards we put the worms in order of size and measured them with a ruler.

Easter tray

Lisa says: I wrapped wool around the tray to make different sized gaps then filled the tray with polystyrene eggs and carrots, pom poms and buttons. We used jumbo tweezers to pick up items through the gaps and put them in a small bowl. It is great for fine motor skills, hand eye coordination and it also brought up the discussion about chicks coming from eggs and rabbits eating carrots which is part of communication and language.
Thanks so much to Lisa for sharing these fab trays – I’ll be looking to her for more inspiration as E gets older!

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