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We are an outdoor loving family and my husband is a real outdoor enthusiast. There are pros and cons to this. Sometimes he wants us to go on a family walk when it’s absolutely blummin’ freezing, which isn’t my favourite thing. On the other hand, him having such a broad interest in all things outdoors makes him pretty easy to buy for when Christmas time rolls around.

Here are my top five picks for the outdoor enthusiast in 2017.

Rock Face

In addition to enjoying the outdoors as a hobby, my husband also works outside as an Estate Manager.He manages around 20 acres of mixed use land which means he’s out in the elements all the time. He’s been trying Rock Face Products for a few weeks now and is impressed. The antiperspirant deodorant is excellent and the face wash makes his bearded mug feel properly clean even after a day on the tractor or digging out a pond – mucky work! Rock Face products are currently on offer on Amazon too.

Wash Wizard

An ideal stocking fillers for the outdoorsy person in your life, Wash Wizard is a complete body wash sponge – Just add a dash of water from your bottle, tap, river or well, squeeze to activate the aloe vera foam, and get washing. There’s no need to rinse or grab a towel, the natural ingredients mean you can just air dry to get squeaky clean – it’s magic! Perfect for festivals, camping trips, or super-sweaty commutes to work, Wash Wizard is hypoallergenic and fragrance free, and completely green, once used simply recycle, including the packaging. A percentage of profits from each sale goes to homeless charities.


Footner Exfoliating Socks is a fast and easy solution for getting rid of hard, dry and cracked skin on feet! Perfect for tired, hard working feet in need of a bit of rejuvenation. I’ve tried this myself before and been really pleased with the results!

Footner is a revolutionary product to give you baby-soft feet with just one single application of 60 minutes.

Clakit StrapPack

When doing outdoor recreations your pockets tend to be overflowing with items like a smartphone, keys and gear needed for your recreation and that doesn’t even include your overstuffed wallet. Clakit has created the ultimate solution – StrapPack. Attach it to a backpack, gear bag strap or a belt loop and use it to store small items like a smartphone, keys, money, ID, water bottle and compact gear items.

This is perfect for attaching to anything with a strap really. My husband uses it at work for keeping screws in when doing maintenance and I have used it on the baby carrier. It’s a really versatile piece of kit.

Do Wild Baking by Tom Herbert

This is a book I bought recently for my husband as I think about the camping that we do throughout the year and the inevitably repetitive meals we make. Tom Herbert’s Do Wild Baking is full of fresh ideas and inspiration for outdoor cooking. Perhaps when we start camping in 2018 we can put some of the recipes to the test.

Tough Max Torch


Whenever we camp, I hate going to the toilet block after dark. No matter what torch I use it never really seems bright enough. Plus you have to be really considerate of other campers of course so something too bright that can’t be focused on a small area can be inappropriate too.

This Tough Max Torch from JML (The absolute boss of Useful Stuff) is bright (14 times brighter than the average torch), can be used as a spotlight or floodlight, has five beam modes and is small enough to fit in your pocket or hang from your belt

Handy Heater

Another JML product, the Handy Heater is perfect for heating the caravan, motorhome or tent before bed in the cooler months! We received this heater to try out and my husband took it to work. He works on an estate and  his shed/office is pretty spacious… and cold! The Handy Heater makes enough of a difference to him to stave off the cold and keep him fairly comfortable. I also use it to heat my son’s bedroom before bed because there is no radiator in there. Works a treat!

Do you have an outdoor adventurer on your list this year? I hope I’ve given you some ideas!

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