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Each Christmas morning the boys wake up to a stocking filled with bits and pieces, hanging from the fireplace.

I used to put small items in from the local pound shop but I found it to be false economy as they just didn’t get any use out of the toys that weren’t as cool as their other gifts and certainly didn’t last very long at all.

Last year I chose a handful of small but slightly more expensive items and I really felt I’d not wasted my money as in previous years. My top five picks for the children’s Christmas stockings this year are:

Augmented Reality Book

The boys actually had one of these last year and they really loved it! So this year I’ve chosen another. I think this book will really appeal to my boys and their crazy imaginations.

The Boy With His Head Stuck in a Book by Frankie O’Reilly, £5.99 Amazon.

Space Torch

We already have one of these and I’ve caught the boys playing with it after lights out more than once! If they had one each though there would be no falling out over whose turn it was, and that makes for an easier life for me!

Space Torch by Brainstorm Toys, £5.99

Penguin Popper

This is something I think will provide a bit of fun on Christmas afternoon. With one each in their stockings, I foresee a penguin war!

Penguin Popper from, £7.99 blind bags

The boys, especially Robot, are fans of these blind bags. There are several of these things around the house but they would still love to find just one extra in their stocking on the 25th, I’m sure. These ‘slithers’ are part of the merchandise range from the mobile game of the same name. blind bag, £4.79 Top Trumps Card Game

There are seemingly endless titles in the Top Trumps range and although we have some already, I’m sure there are many we don’t have. These games are perfect for car journeys and useful as a tool for calming the boys down after a particularly busy day. I like the look of the predators pack, but there are so many titles available that you’ll surely be able to find one your recipient will like.

Top Trumps Playing Card Game, Approx £5.00

Will you have stockings to fill this Christmas? What will be inside?

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