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In September, I attended a blogging conference called Blog On, where I discover a brand called OKIDO.

OKIDO is a bi-monthly children’s art and science magazine and is aimed at small people aged between three and eight.
It’s designed to engage young children in scientific discovery in the most fun and creative way. I took a copy of the magazine home with me and showed it to six year old Robot, who decided it was the best paper based thing he’d ever clapped eyes on, deeming it ‘really awesome’.


What can you expect from OKIDO?

Well firstly, it’s fun. Colourful, engaging and entertaining.

Furthermore, it’s educational. Every issue contains games, puzzles and stories alongside recipes, poems and other activities.

Finally, it’s both affordable and useful. We have had magazine subscriptions for the children before and not every issue was read, or even opened sometimes, without us making a point of sitting the children down to go through it. Robot returned to this same OKIDO issue five or six times to complete different activities and he could still return to it now as there are things he hasn’t done. Each issue is £4 and could easily be revisited several times over the two month period.

Thanks to OKIDO I’m fortunate enough to be able to give you the chance to win 6 issues of this brilliant magazine for your inquisitive little person. All you need to do is complete the Gleam widget below!

Best of luck!

OKIDO Magazine


  1. I loved the Judy, it was a girls magazine and I used to have it delivered every Thursday for a while and I really looked forward to it.

  2. Highlights. They always seem to have issues in waiting rooms (especially doctors and dentists) in the States. I loved getting a chance to read them and try to figure out the hidden picture puzzles.

  3. I cant remember what it was called but it always came with a free gift, and one of them was scratch cards, smelling of chocolate, grass and strawberries!

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