Win a Lalaloopsy Glitter Hair Dough Doll for Christmas!

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Winter is on its way and that can only mean one thing… it’s Christmas soon! As much as I love the festive season it’s so expensive isn’t it? That’s why it’s always great to be able to run giveaway like this to help someone else fulfill their own kids’ Christmas list wishes.

I had a look at the very popularΒ Lalaloopsy Glitter Hair Dough Doll which is set to be on lots of lists this year.

This Lalaloopsy Doll sees a new day as a chance to try on a new look… especially her hair. Tress Twist ‘n Braid has hair that really grows! Choose the hair colour then grown, cut, style and do it all over again. With three different dough colours and different accessories, Tress will have the finest hairstyle in all of Lalaloopsyland!

Thoughts on the Lalaloopsy Glitter Dough Hair doll

The doll is easy to use, easy to clean and the dough can be used over and over. It reminds me of the play dough toys I had as a child myself – only bigger and better than these things were in the 80’s!

The scissors are safe for little fingers but do their job well. They’re a great tool for hand-eye coordination and fine motor development too.

The dough is easily inserted into the back of the doll’s head. Use one colour to keep them clean and separate, or go totally wild and mix it all up!

There are three interchangeable styling caps and three pots of glitter dough are included too. With all these options, your Lalaloopsy Tres doll can have a change of hairstyle in just a flash. The caps are really easy to change and clips are simple to add. Certainly easy enough for children of the recommended minimum age to be able to manage themselves.

To get your hands on one of these lovely little ladies, simply complete the Gleam widget below…

Good luck!

Lalaloopsy Glitter Dough Hair doll


  1. Top of my wishlist this year is a coffee pod machine like a Tassimo or Gusto, something just for me as nobody else likes coffee.

  2. Anything to do with Lala loopsy and My little pony for my daughter and perfume for myself! Lovely prize! Good luck everyone

  3. my wife and I always buy each other posh meals and theater tickets for christmas so we have some great date nights.

  4. I would be happy just spending time with family & friends…….I don’t need presents, I just like watching others open theirs x

  5. Top of my list is a lie in!! My son wants Lego and my youngest daughter wants anything pink and sparkly! My eldest girl is a teenager and I have no idea what she wants lol xx

  6. For me ummm No idea..maybe a break away for the night would be lovely..Hair vouchers shaved my hair off due to major hair loss , so in a few months will be needing a cute pixie cut

  7. Supposed I’ve already got my “Christmas wish” – although it’s not happening until June next year. I’ve got a ticket to see my absolute favourite rockband again. Can’t wait. πŸ™‚ Oh and a trip to Olympia Horse Show but already know about that, as needed to book the time off work before my Mum booked it as my Christmas present.

  8. My wish list this year is simple: I want my family to be happy and enjoy the day. Plus receive lots of photos from my family overseas.

  9. I want one of those hairrushes that straighten your hair as you brush, would make my life a bit easier as I have such thick horrible fuzzy wavy hair

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