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Posted by kids has arrived has a great reputation for bringing up to date fashion to the masses at great prices. I have several dresses from their website (and may be waiting on a delivery of a couple more!) so I know they are a great go-to website when I need an outfit for a night out or I just feel like treating myself to something new. I was pleased to discover then that they have launched a brand new kids! They asked us if we would like to try out a few pieces from it and of course we said yes. The boys browsed the website and chose two items each; a top and a bottom.

Badger chose:


Space Dye Bomber Jacket, £12.00
Space Dye Smart Joggers, £10.00

Robot, however, fancied something a little smarter and opted for:


Contrast Tee, £8.00
Grey Skinny Jeans, £12.00

When I ordered the clothes, I found that the sizing options were limited, and I could choose 5-6yrs, 7-8yrs or 9-10 years  whereas given the choice I would’ve opted for 6-7 and 8-9 for the boys. I opted for the larger size in each case and hoped they would fit.

The boys were thrilled with their clothes when their kids parcel arrived. There was certainly no indecision when getting dressed that morning! As they ran off excitedly with their clothes I hoped they wouldn’t be disappointed with the sizes.

As it went, the tops for both boys were just fine, but the waist on both the joggers and the jeans were too big. Badger managed okay with the joggers as long as he pulled them up from time to time, and Robot wore a belt on the jeans.

As soon as the boys were ready we set off to the park to take a few snaps.

Clothes from the kids range

The boys ran around the park and climbed some trees to put their new clothes to the test. Even Robot’s skinny jeans weren’t restrictive, as I thought they might be.  They were quite long in the leg but that wasn’t a problem. As you can see in the photos they just gathered slightly at the ankle. Both boys were comfortable in their outfits and spent the day wearing them.


The quality of the children’s clothes we received from kids is really good. The stitching is done properly and the material is light but not too thin. The only thing I’d say about any of the items would be that the sleeves on the bomber jacket were very long indeed, even in comparison to the length of the body. It didn’t seem to matter to Badger though, particularly as he pushed the sleeves up for half the time he was wearing it anyway.


Badger loved the collar detail on the jacket and although he was slightly disappointed by the lack of pockets in it, he was happy enough with the pockets in the joggers!

Robot’s outfit fit him well, aside from the jeans being slightly too big around the waist. If the wait was adjustable we’d have had no issue with this at all, but it really wasn’t a big problem. The t-shirt fit him well and will also fit him well enough for another 12 months, I expect.

All four items have washed well and kept their shape as expected.


I would buy again from the kids range. The prices are fair, delivery isn’t expensive and they often have great deals on both the clothing and delivery.

Disclosure: we were asked by to try out some items from their new range. Our account was credited and used as part payment for the items in this post.


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