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Seeing a middle aged man walking down the street with baggy jeans and a backwards cap, desperately trying to cling onto his youth, is enough to make anybody cringe but it happens all too often. Maybe they think that dressing their age means dressing like an old man but it’s still possible to be stylish without trying to copy the kid’s style. It can be difficult to get them to make the transition because they’ve become attached to all of the old clothes that they used to wear when they were young. They could pull it off back then but these days they just look silly. Most men aren’t bothered about clothes shopping so they might need a little nudge in the right direction to get them started. If your partner is still trying to dress like he’s twenty, try out these tips to help him pick something a little more his speed.


Haircuts are one of the worst offending areas for middle aged men. They get this idea that if they get their hair done in the style of their favourite footballer, they’ll suddenly look as cool as him. That’s never the case. Instead, they end up looking ridiculous. The best haircuts for middle aged men are always the simplest. They’re too old to go for something crazy like a mohawk so a simple crew cut works best. Finding a good barber that gets the right cut is vital, once you have, you don’t need to worry about hairstyles ever again.

Baldness is another big hurdle when it comes to middle aged men’s hair. It’s inevitable for a lot of men, but so many of them will try to deny it for as long as possible. Once they start losing their hair, they need to make a decision. Propecia is used in male pattern baldness treatments so they can grow back the hair they are losing through using that. It will help them to maintain a healthy head of hair into their later years. Their other option is to commit to the baldness completely. Being bald is a good look for some people so shaving it all off might be best. The one thing they should absolutely not do is deny that they’re losing their hair and try to cover it up with a god awful comb over. They’re not fooling anybody and it’ll make them look about ten years older than they are.


Sportswear is a very popular fashion choice among the younger generation and all too often, older men try to make themselves look younger by buying the latest stuff and wearing it. Unfortunately, the effect is the exact opposite. Walking around in a full tracksuit doesn’t make them look younger, it just massively highlights the fact that they aren’t young anymore. They’re also not going to be very well fitted for older people so they’ll end up highlighting all of those flabby bits that they’re starting to develop as they get a bit older. So, with the exception of family workouts, they should steer clear of sportswear. If they’re dead set on wearing some, then using a few understated pieces as part of an outfit is the way to go. For example, they can get away with a pair of trainers as part of a casual outfit but don’t push it further than that.


Jeans are a universal trouser that everybody can get away with wearing, but the fit needs to be right. When they’re in their forties, the tight skinny jeans that younger people are wearing are a definite no go. Go for something straight cut and comfortable instead. Although jeans are ok, it might be time to get something a bit more mature. Corduroy used to be the perfect fit for an older gentleman but these days it’s associated with the boring old teacher look. Chinos are the perfect choice because they’re fashionable with the younger generation but older people can still pull them off. However, you need to be careful with the colours. Don’t go for a pair of bright red chinos, they’ll just look stupid.

A Good Suit

One piece of men’s clothing that never goes out of fashion, no matter how old you are, is a good suit. They’re perfect for any formal occasions but they can even wear them day to day if they feel like it. When you’re buying a suit, be prepared to spend a bit of money on it. If you get a cheap one, it won’t fit well and they’ll end up looking like a kid that’s borrowed their dad’s old suit. It’s definitely worth investing in a tailored suit because it’ll last far longer and look much cooler than a cheap one.


When they get older, men need to scale back on the loud clothes that they used to wear so it can be a bit harder to inject a sense of style into their wardrobe. The way around this is using accessories effectively. A good watch is the perfect way for middle aged men to add a bit of flash to their outfit without going overboard and looking silly. Picking a watch that goes well with all of your outfits is key because it’s going to cost you a lot of money and you want to be able to wear it as often as possible. There are some pretty outrageous looking watches on the market, covered in bling. Don’t go for one of those, it’ll just make you look tacky and won’t go with any of the more respectable outfits that you’ve been putting together.

There comes a time in every man’s life when he has to admit that he’s no spring chicken anymore and start dressing his age. Most men like to put this moment off for as long as possible, often with some very embarrassing results. If your partner is one of those men, they’ll need a helping hand from their loving partner to make sure they don’t go around dressed like a twenty year old.

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