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I always knew Squidge was going to be my last baby. The last time I was going to be able to dress one of my small people in the clothes I like, rather than the ones they like. Lord knows I’ve no chance of a say in what the bigger two wear these days! I didn’t buy all that much clothing for Squidge before he arrived as we were given so much by family, all like new. That meant that what I did buy I could choose because I loved it, not because it was an essential. That of course made shopping more fun.
When Squidge was born he received some vouchers for Boots. With nothing in particular in mind, I browsed the website one day when he was a few weeks old. It was September and I was starting to think about Christmas – Christmas Eve pyjamas specifically. So when I came across this Santa sleep suit it went straight into my virtual basket!
Mini Club
Then I noticed it was on a deal – buy two, or three, and get them for not £6 but £4 each. Couldn’t hurt to have a little look, surely?
And that’s where the addiction began!
What I love the most about these gorgeous outfits are the bold colours. They wash really well (though I don’t put them in the dryer) and people pass comment on them every time Squidge wears one. I think my favourite one is the fox, but I do love them all.
Our Mini Club story doesn’t end there though – it seems our love of funky and affordable design is contagious! This is Squidge with his cousin. I know I’m biased but HOW CUTE?!
Then someone I know noticed my somewhat irrational obsession and passed down the gorgeous crocodile design her son had worn. I was thrilled because I haven’t been able to find the current croc design in store or online in a size that would fit Squidge.
And then there was my latest visit to store. I went in to buy a sleep suit for one of the school mums who just had a baby boy. I couldn’t help myself and bought everything they had in Squidge’s size or bigger, if we didn’t already have it.
Now I’m just waiting for the next designs to be released so I can go again…


  1. Ohhh he gets more and more gorgeous as the days go by and how lovely does he look in those sleepsuits. I always forget about Boots when it comes to gros but I love the bright colours!

    1. Ah thank you. Yes, it wasn’t the first place for baby clothes that crossed my mind! They’re so lovely though, and even when he stops wearing sleepsuits during the day (which will be soon, I’m sad to say!) they still do some lovely ‘big boys clothes’ xxx

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