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My wardrobe is a bit, well, black. Truth be told it’s rather boring too. So I’m going to try injecting some bright colours into my clothing collection in a bid to be less boring! I’ve had a good look around and have found a few key pieces that I think will be perfect for me – not to dark but not oh-my-god-what-is-she-wearing. Some of these pieces are things I will actually buy but sadly some of them are waaaay out of my price range – despite being in the sale!

Proenza Schouler Shorts

I really, really love these shorts from Proenza Schouler. They’re 60% off in the sale but they’re still over £200 so I think they’ll have to wait until I win the lottery!

More realistically, I like this by Joe Browns, which I found in a dress sale. It is a bargain at the moment with 20% off. I do like most Joe Browns stuff, especially my lovely maxi dress. This blue and white dress though makes me feel summery just by looking at it and I’m sure it would look lovely with some wedge sandals and a cardigan or pashmina for a wedding. I am going to one wedding this year but I’ll be a bridesmaid so my dress will be special that day!

Joe Browns Dress

Something else I have been considering for ages is a pair of palazzo trousers. I know they’re yesterday’s news really but they look so comfortable and I think they’d be perfect for sunny days over the summer. I reckon they hide chunky thighs really well too which would be great for me!

Palazzo trousers from Dorothy Perkins

I think I can get away with a plain black top with the exciting colours of these trousers, and probably black shoes too. I’m not sure I can prise myself away from my comfort colour entirely, so this is a great compromise.

What’s your favourite colour choice when shopping for clothes? Do you end up wearing the same colour most days?

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