Chilean Easy Peelers Adventures

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How many ways can you enjoy a citrus?

Sit back, read this, they’re delicious.

We’ll tell you why we think it’s best

To go Chilean – leave the rest!

On grandma’s knee is where I sit

A citrus in my hand

She always gives me the best snacks

That’s why we call her ‘grand’

The big boys, for a birthday treat

Stayed up until quite late

Some sweet, sweet citrus fruits galore

Is what the boys all ate

A walk in the park on a blustery day

Requires some tasty refuelling

Before we get back on to the swings 

To continue our deschooling

But the best time of all to enjoy your fruit

Is any time of day

Peel them, piece them, share them out

Enjoy them every day!

Easy peelers are a brilliant way of getting sweet, juicy, nutritious fruit into your children. My kids love Chilean Easy Peelers and when we received a little box full of them to try out, they didn’t last long at all! As you can see we enjoyed them on a fair few occasions. They’re so easy to take along with you wherever you may be going. Ours have been to Grandma’s, Grandad’s, forest school, football and even came with us as we explored an old abbey!

Chilean Easy Peelers also make an excellent snack after sports. My boys play football five times a week between them and have a fitness class too, and the vitamins in  these small citrus fruits are perfect pick me ups when they come out exhausted after working so hard on the pitch. They’re sweet and hydrating which is exactly what they need.

This post is an entry for the BritMums #ChileanEasyPeelers Challenge, sponsored by Chilean Citrus Committee.

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