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Yes, you read that right.

We were sent a chocolate making kit by Choc on Choc and we made a chocolate model of Big Ben, a London bus and a cab. The kids really enjoyed doing this activity, although I think their favourite part was actually eating it (as was mine!).

Choc on Choc collage

The kit comes with everything you need to make one set of parts for Big Ben, one bus and one cab, but the moulds seem to be fine to re-use should you wish to do that. We left our chocolate to set overnight and it was delicious. Also included are two pictures one London to colour in while you wait for the chocolate to set in the mould, an instruction sheet and a chefs hat. I liked the extra thought that had clearly been put into planning and designing the contents of these kits.

Something else that tickled me about Choc on Choc is that they clearly have a sense of humour. I love that they’ve brought out a new way to get your five-a-day… in chocolate form. I’m not sure I’d get away with that at Slimming World, but it’d be a very welcome treat!

The thing I loved most about chocolate London (aside from actually eating it) was that the boys could do every part of this themselves; even melting the chocolate buttons. They needed supervision of course, and they made quite a mess when pouring it into the moulds, but they really seemed to feel they’d achieved something a little bit tricky (mostly) by themselves. They were certainly very proud of their creations.

Choc on Choc do some brilliant kits – you can even make your own chocolate house! They have some fantastic gift ideas suitable for adults and children alike, and their prices are very reasonable too. Chocolate London is £12.99 and would make a great alternative birthday present.

*We were sent this choc on choc kit in return for our honest feedback on the product.

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