Simple Home Upgrades That Will Make a Huge Difference

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Your home isn’t in need of a full renovation, but you know it needs more than a spring clean. Do you knock out a wall, build an extension or paint through the house with a new colour? Upgrading your home needn’t be that dramatic; there are a number of upgrades you can organise for your home with relative ease. Consider these simple home upgrades that will make a difference to your home.

Replace the Windows

When people think home upgrades, the first thing that comes to mind generally isn’t getting new windows, but maybe it should be. Think about your current windows – could a five year old pick them open? Does your flyscreen let in more bugs than it keeps out? You’ll be amazed at the difference, both visually and practically, a new window makes to your home. If you think swapping your old windows for new ones could be the upgrade your home is looking for, contact a window exchange expert, such as Stylewise Security, to see what modern and stylish window options are available to you. And don’t worry – companies like this will perform the exchange and take care of the old windows for you.

Put the TV on the Wall

It’s one of those jobs that everyone thinks of doing but never gets around to. Flat-screen TVs look fantastic on the wall. You can reclaim bench-space on the entertainment cabinet, set it at the right height for your eyes, and no longer have kids touching it, leaving fingerprints all over your screen! It’s worth popping to the hardware or electrical appliance centre to pick up a wall mount this weekend.

Consider a Feature Wall

A feature wall can make an otherwise monotone space much more liveable. It can add depth perception, brighten a dark room, or just make things feel so much fresher. Have a flip through some home decorating magazines to see what colours you like. Feature walls can be done quickly and easily; it’s a weekend project that can really add some ‘zing’ to your place. In fact, half our house was transformed within a weekend once!

Replace the doors

Replacing the interior or exterior doors can make an enormous difference to a house. We have a particular door which doesn’t fully open because there is a bookshelf behind it. If we were to replace that with a bifold door, visitors wouldn’t be forever trying to force the door into the bookshelf as they come in. Similar can be said for the conservatory doors; they take up so much room when they’re open! UK made bifold doors would save a ton of space. It’s the little things, like making your home looks as though things actually fit into your space, that make all the difference.

New Artwork

Still have the huge wooden spoon and fork on your wall? Or the three ducks? A macramé pot-plant holder? Yes, trends date and so do artwork and decorations. Art can enrich a home or restrain it. You might want to consider an original piece from a gallery or a print of something you love. Unique artworks attract the eye and can be a great conversation point when guests come around.

Replace Handles

Consider replacing all the handles in your kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms. Have a look at your current ones. Are they small or hard to grip? Mismatched? Loose or even missing? You’ll be amazed at the practicality and function new handles bring to a room. Consider swapping tarnished silver with sleep chrome, or heavy blacks with chic brushed metal. Check out the range at your local hardware store – it costs nothing to see what’s available!

Have you recently done any home renovations? How did you find it? Do you have any tips for a new renovator? Share your ideas or tips in the comments below – I’d love to read your home improvement wins and fails!

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