Simple Ways To Shake Up Your Style

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We all slip into a routine without really realizing it. We get up at the same time, read the same news apps, make ourselves the same underwhelming breakfasts, pull on the same outfits to go to work in and jump on the same bus as every morning that came before. It’s what takes the sparkle out of life.


Now, we’re not going to pretend we can cure all of these (although you should definitely take a peek at these delicious and nutritious breakfast ideas), but we can help you shake up your style a little.


So, without further ado, here are some possible helpful ideas on how to give your personal style a simple revamp. Sure, it might be scary to try something different but, hey, what have you got to lose except the monotonous bleep of day to day life. Glib.


  1. Pinterest Is The Perfect Place To Start

Pinterest might have fallen down the pecking order of platforms, but we still love it. In fact, it’s probably our favorite and that’s because it makes life so easy when trying to collate the bits that inspire us. Yup. We pin every look we like, then we actually go back and look at them. It’s like rocket fuel in the style shake up world.


  1. Quickly, Run To Your Closet

As soon as you’ve stepped away from your Pinterest boards, run to your bedroom, rummage through your closet and look for any items you may be able to use to re-create those looks. It’s such a great way to put some life back into your seemingly lifeless clothes (and you won’t have to spend a penny either).


  1. The Devil Is In The Detail

You’ll be amazed at how much a little tweak here and there can shake up your style in such massive ways. When you wake up, don’t just pop contacts in, delve into a glasses vs contact lenses debate, opt for the former and embrace the geek chic look. Instead of just doing your face like you would every other day, try adding a new shade of lipstick into the mix to shake it up a bit. They may only be small details but – wow – you’re going to see a huge difference.


  1. Get ‘Those’ Pieces Altered

We all have a pile of clothes somewhere in our bedroom that has been waiting to go to the tailors to get altered for at least three years, but you never got round to doing it. The same goes for the dry cleaners. Well, if you do one thing this week, make it that. When you get them back, it will feel like getting brand new clothes all over again.


  1. Dress Up For A Week

How often do you really put all your effort into an outfit? Well, instead of just moseying on through life with little effort put in, try dressing up for a week straight. Really go for it. Pop on that pencil skirt and blouse combo, and pair it with those fancy shoes. You’ll feel a million bucks.

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