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We are always pleased to receive a parcel full of craft supplies from Yellow Moon. This time, our mystery review box was filled with Christmas craft kits, so like any regular person would in the middle of November we had a Christmas craft afternoon and really got into the Christmas spirit.

Yellow moon christmas


We received:

Penguin sewing decorations

Christmas foam glasses

Santa beard whistles

Star glitter mosaic wand kit

Christmas printed paper

Reindeer Gift Bag Kits

Tumbling Snowmen

We set to work as soon as the delivery arrived and Robot chose to start with the penguin decorations. This is a sewing activity which is something he really enjoys, so it didn’t take him long to make his first penguin. First though, is the small matter of threading the needle…

Once that’s done it’s a case of following the really simple instructions and using everything provided to make a super cute penguin decoration.
What I like best about craft packs from Yellow Moon is that you don’t need anything else apart from what’s provided, unless it requires PVA glue which most craft loving households will have anyway.

In just twenty minutes, the penguin was stuffed, sewn and hung! Robot was super tired too but didn’t lose patience because there’s nothing too taxing about this kit.

We set our box of goodies aside then until Badger’ friend came to stay. They particularly liked the Santa whistles!
We also tried the Christmas glasses and Mosaic wands. The wands take a little extra time if you’re doing them properly but the children were very pleased with the outcome.

Again, you don’t need to add anything apart from glue to the mosaic wand kits, and nothing at all to the glasses kits.

We used the Santa face stickers to decorate our letters to the big man himself and posted them off – I hope he likes them!

We’ve got a large pack of Christmas design paper in various patterns so tomorrow evening we’ll be doing something with that… I’ll know exactly what once I drag myself away from Pinterest this evening!

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