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Why am I writing about fitbit? Me, the girl who claims to be allergic to exercise? After the choc-fest that was Christmas I decided it was time to calm the heck down on the ol’ stuffing-my-face front and focus on being more healthy.

I am temporarily running a linky called #weightlosswednesday and my weight is heading in the right direction – down! Part of the reason for that is because I’m moving more. My stepmum got a new fitbit at Christmas and kindly gave me her old one to try. I’m very faddy so it’s always best for me to try things out for a little while before actually spending money.

So obviously the fitbit tells me how many steps I’ve done in a day, but what other information can you get on it?


I have the Charge HR. It isn’t overly fancy in comparison to its newer siblings, but it is very clever nonetheless. My fitbit monitors:

  • Movement
  • Calories burned
  • Heart rate
  • Levels climbed
  • Distance covered

These things are all pretty useful things to know, and when I sync to the app on my phone its rewarding to see how much progress I’ve made each day.

The surprising thing about the fitbit for me though has been the sleep monitoring. I have a six month old baby and so being somewhat sleep deprived is a bit of a given, but I was shocked at how little I actually slept. Fitbit shows you your sleep pattern including the times you are restless and awake throughout the night. While I might log 6 hours sleep on a good night, that sleep would be very broken.

Knowing this made me realise that I needed to make a conscious effort to get more rest. Rather than go to bed at 11pm, I started going earlier. Sometimes it was ridiculously early like 7pm with the kids! I would still have disturbed sleep but at least there was more of it. Over a period of about a month I noticed I felt generally better in myself and definitely less snappy. Of course, all the things I used to do in an evening got forgotten and my to-do list soon got a bit out of hand. After a good night though I felt much more able to tackle it!

Now I’m working on finding a balance between doing All The Things and getting enough rest. It really isn’t easy to fit everything in, but I think being more aware of the importance of rest will stop me taking on even more ‘stuff’ and hopefully I’ll soon have found the right balance for me.

Linking up as usual to #weightlosswednesday tomorrow!

Weight Loss Wednesday


  1. WOW. I can’t believe that you only got 3 hours 25 on one of those nights! I feel ashamed that I do very little in comparison to you on some days (especially if we are going by step comparison) yet I get far more sleep than you and most often it’s not disturbed either! Well done you for always appearing so full of life when you are probably screaming for your bed inside!

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