Managing Low Back Pain: Tips To Help You Heal At Home

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Throughout different times in our lives, we are likely to suffer from back pain depending on what we do in our lives. It could be a strain from exercise or from bad pasture sat at a desk at work. Back pain can even come from sleeping badly or your posture from doing something like breastfeeding. So it can happen to anyone at any time. Of course, there are more serious back problems that can occur. So I’m not trying to talk about those today really, as at home remedies are not necessarily going to work on those kind of ailments. However, if you have low back pain, then there are some changes that you can make to help reduce the pain and nurse the pain away. So here are some simple tips that you can try at home.

Keep It Cool

From when you first notice back pain, then keeping it cold is one of the best ways to avoid it getting worse. Putting ice on your injury for around twenty-four or forty-eight hours after your injury occurred helps it to heal as it reduces inflammation. A heat pad can cover up pain and helps the muscles to relax, which can speed up inflammation, making the pain worse in the end. So grab an ice pack, and you’ll feel the benefit.

Keep Moving

With an injury, it can be very tempting to stay still and not move so that you don’t make it worse. It is a completely natural reaction. But if you don’t have a severe back injury, then try to keep moving. You might want to take down the exercise a notch, but doing your normal activities like cleaning, making the beds, and walking the dog are all good ideas to keep doing. Just don’t overdo it, of course, and don’t use it as a time to try anything new and crazy.

Make Yourself Comfortable

Your chair at work could be a big culprit of your back pain. So taking measures to make sure that you’re comfortable and that you’re not going to be in a hunched over position is a really good idea. The same goes for things at home; from your bed to your dining chairs. Are you comfortable enough? Having the wrong mattress can make your injury worse or not help the injury get better if it is too soft. For example, an article by Choose Mattress could be a good place to look if you need a new mattress to help your back pain. If there are controllable measures that you can put in place, then you need to try your best to help your injury and back pain.

Watch Your Weight

Being overweight can put some stress on your spine. So to avoid any unnecessary stress on your spine, it is best to keep your weight under control. It can be easier to control your posture when you’re not overweight too, as your center of gravity won’t change or vary over time.

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