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Well, I say ‘Squidge and I’. Obviously Squidge isn’t really doing any walking, he is too small. But I am, and I already feel better for it. I’ve been walking each day for between 30 and 90 minutes and I feel more energised, and weirdly more organised in other aspects of my life. I think just being outside gives me more of a positive outlook on the day ahead, or the following day if I walk at night.

Today I dropped the two older boys off at school and took myself, Squidge and the dog (Betsy) to a country park not too far from us called Burrs. It’s quite a big place with all kinds of terrain for walking. The flat, easy, accessible paths here are great for walking with the pram. Today though I was trying out a new carrier we have for review so we ventured onto the slightly more uneven, rather muddier paths. The dog was in her element, and I was just glad I didn’t wear my best boots.

Oh gawd – how tired do I look! (Spot Betsy in the background, waiting patiently!)

Squidge loves being ‘worn’. He settles really well in a sling or carrier and babywearing has saved my sanity on more than one occasion because of it! We did about 90 minutes walking before Squidge started to get unsettled and I realised it was actually his ‘second breakfast’ time. So we headed back to the flat paths and to the car, and I felt lots better than I had when I’d set off.

I checked my steps – almost 7000 by 11am. That’s my daily average at the moment and I really want to work on increasing that. I also need to try and increase my sleep too, but with blogging and children I seem to be finding that quite difficult!

Linking again with my Weight Loss Wednesday post tomorrow. If you have blogged about health, fitness, weight loss or other related subjects please do come and join in. The linky is open from Wednesday lunch time to Sunday at midnight. I will interact with each entry both on your blog and on social media too.

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  1. Aww! I loved “Wearing” Syd! I remember wearing her and pushing Sam round the woodland paths area of Heaton Park on a damp Autumn day – not my best idea! I used to love walking too – I need a dog or a baby to come with me – I never feel comfortable walking alone.
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  2. Well done for gettin out & seeing stuff! (See what I did there?) your step totals have been brilliant, really putting mine to shame & it’s great that Eric can still be worn despite him outgrowing his other sling. Hope you get back to sling swing soon & good luck for the new job!
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