Planning a day out for someone with mobility issues

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Going out for the day is easy enough. Grab your coat, hand bag and keys, jump into the car and set off. Of course if you have children with you it takes longer to get ready but generally, once you’re there the kids don’t need special treatment or arrangements.

That isn’t the case for someone with mobility issues though. They can’t just go wherever they please because there are things to take into consideration for someone who is disabled.

As a carer who has worked in many areas of the field, and a carer to my grandma for four years, here are my top five things to consider when planning a day trip with someone who has a disability…

Mobility aids

Depending on the type of disability, the person you are with may require a mobility aid of some sort. It could be a wheelchair, a walking frame or simply a walking stick. For my grandma, we use a lightweight wheelchair which is easy to get in and out of the car and great for days out.


Does the place you’d like to visit have an accessible entrance for wheelchairs or someone using a walking frame? Are there many steps? What about once you’re inside – are all areas accessible to a person using mobility aids? I found an article on Britain’s most accessible tourist attractions a really good place to start when looking for somewhere we could go.


Find out if the venue has a ground floor toilet or lift. Are there disabled toilets with enough room to manoeuvre a wheelchair or for a carer to be able to assist?


If you have someone with you using a walking aid, how far away is the actual venue from the parking area? Consider how far the person you’re with would have to walk, whether or not there may be parking near to the entrance for those with a disability and if there is, whether or not there are likely be enough spaces for everyone.

Carers discount

Many places offer free or discounted entry for carers accompanying someone with a disability. Check before you go and maybe save a few pounds to spend on cake while you’re out! There is also a carer’s card scheme for use at cinemas nationwide, details of which can be found here.

Do you find yourself encountering issues as a carer or as someone with reduced mobility? Or do you know of a tourist attraction that caters perfectly for everyone?



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