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The thing I love most about Slimming world is that you can literally eat all day long if you need to. I’m the type of person who wants what she can’t have when it comes to food, so to be able to say ‘sure, stuff your face’ to myself is exactly the kind of eating plan I need. I’ve had a much more positive attitude towards the whole thing this week and that resulted in a 2lb loss.

Soups are great for this. In next to no time I can whip up a load of soup, chuck it in the fridge or even the freezer if I’m going to store it, and its there, ready to eat within a few minutes of me deciding I’m bored and fancy something to eat.

My three favourite soups at the moment are ones I’ve picked up from other blogs and websites, so I can’t really take any credit, but I hope they are of use to some of you.

Slimming world soups


Tomato Soup by Two Chubby Cubs.

This is the quickest soup I’ve ever made – opening the tins with a can opener probably takes more time than actually making the soup. Well, almost. It’s literally a case of chucking everything into the blender and pressing start. Then warm it up and eat!

Butternut Squash Soup from Slimming World

I added a couple of sweet potatoes to mine instead of the normal potato in the recipe, because they were left over from making baby food. The soup was so good. If I wasn’t following Slimming World I would probably have put some cream in at the end, but I was strong!

Pea, Ham and Mint soup from Good to Know

I made this from just pea and mint soup recipe but I felt it needed just something. So I chucked it back in the blender with some lean ham. Better, but still not as tasty as the tomato!

What Slimming World quick fixes do you rely on? I’m always keen to hear about things I can just keep in the fridge or cupboard and be eating within a couple of minutes. Share your tips and suggestions on my facebook page and if I can, I’ll give them a try!

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  1. Well done on your 2lb loss! I love soup and you’re right it is so quick to make yet I keep forgetting to do it!! My slimming world tip would be to make some hummus on your blender and always have some carrots, celery or cucumber in your fridge for dipping!

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