The 12 week challenge

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I am terrible at losing weight. I do okay for about a week then as soon as I lose a few pounds I get a bit cocky and eat chocolate.

Well this year I have four big events and I am serious about being slimmer for all of them! I’m going to Florida, I’m going to be godmother to my friend’s little boy, it’s my sister’s hen weekend and then her wedding – so there is plenty of motivation there for me.

My mum, bless her, is always trying to help me when I say I want to lose weight. Usually with bribery! This time, her and her partner have given me a Fitbit activity tracker. I’ve had it for a few weeks now and learned several things about myself.

  1. I move more when an app on my phone tells me I should
  2. It really matters to me that I hit my self imposed target because I know my friends (and my mum!) can see how many steps I’ve done.
  3. I didn’t move nearly enough before
  4. There is definitely time to add exercise into my day – an excuse I’ve used 100 times

The first of the big 4 events happens in 12 weeks time and so that’s my target date. 26th April.

Sounds like ages away but it really isn’t!

I haven’t set myself a weight target per se, but I want to be at least one dress size smaller. So probably about a stone, a stone and a half if I can manage it.

I’m relying heavily on eating a healthier diet and with the exercise on top I’m hoping that I can achieve when I’m setting out to do, hopefully making losing weight a bit easier.

Nothing like leaving things to the last minute, I know, but that’s me all over!

Wish me luck – again – I hope I can look back on this post in 12 weeks’ time and be proud of how far I’ve gone.

12 week challenge

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