Week one results and introducing Weight Loss Wednesday

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So last week I talked about having around about 12 weeks to get into some kind of shape that doesn’t resemble a potato. Well since then I’ve had the flu. Proper, full on, not-man flu. I spent six whole days in bed, my husband had to take a week off work and I felt properly sorry for myself.

On the upside, I lost 5lb.

So really, I cheated during week one by being ill, but it was still a loss and so it counts! Mainly due to the fact that I wasn’t picking at bits and pieces of food all day long, I reckon. I had my meals brought to me in bed (small perk of being so poorly) and really didn’t give food much more thought than that, to be honest. Also, flu is not a route to weight loss I recommend at all!

I can’t really say much more than that about week one – it’s been quite uneventful really!

What I can say is that I have taken over Weight Loss Wednesday from the lovely Simone at Sim’s Life. I’ll be looking after it for a short time – at least until my 12 weeks is up – before handing it back over to it’s rightful owner! So if you have blogged about weight loss, healthy eating or exercise, please do link up!

Weight Loss Wednesday


  1. The flu is awful, absolutely awful – you are totally hardcore for coping with it and 4 boys too! 😉 So glad you were looked after and feel better now chick. You can do it – you have a goal date in mind and that will keep you spurred on! Looking forward to reading what you are eating on the Slimming World diet, always has me curious! Thank you so much for looking after #WeightLossWednesday for me!xx

    1. I’m looking forward to sharing a few recipes Sim – I just need to remember to take photos before I eat it haha! Thank you for trusting me with your baby!

  2. Hello! 😀 well done on setting a great example for week 1 hahaha. I lost 18lbs in the 14 days before I had my hernia operation – that’s definitely a really effective diet, and equally not one I’d recommend! 😀
    Glad you are better – even if you might make up for the missed food just a little over the next week – you need to build your strength back up 🙂
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