Weight Loss Wednesday: Week Six

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Welcome to another Weight Loss Wednesday!

So here I am, half way through my original twelve week timescale, having lost a total of only 9lbs. That means I seriously need to up my game from hereon in. My fitbit keeps me moving more but I seriously need someone to slap the chocolate out of my hand every time I pick some up! I’m taking inspiration from both Tina at MotherGeek who is making brilliant progress, and my friend Nichola who lost over 9 stone a couple of years ago and kept it off amazingly well ever since.

So my plan for the next six weeks is to sew my mouth shut…

Seriously though, my plan is to get back on the Slimming World plan and up the exercise. I hate doing ‘proper’ exercise but I do really like walking so I’m hoping the weather will pick up and give me more opportunity to get outside. Being outside does my mood the world of good too which should lead to me feeling more positive about reaching my target!

So what is my target?

Well, I want to lose another stone before May. It’s five weeks really, so it’s not going to be easy and there will be very little room for treats. That doesn’t matter though because I know it will be worth it when I feel more confident in a swimsuit. There’s further incentive in the form of my godparent duties at the end of May, my sister’s hen do in June, and then her wedding in July. So with an event every few weeks I should be able to maintain motivation.

3lbs a week is quite a lot I think but I’m going to try my very best and stop coming at it with a half-hearted attitude. I think a meal and exercise plan would be a good idea so I’ll sit down and do that tonight and share it next week.

Weight Loss Wednesday


    1. Ah thank you Sadie, I am pleased with the 9lbs but I know full well it is a case of ‘could do better’! Ever the optimist though I will plough on!

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