Weight Loss Wednesday: Week Two

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Welcome to week two of Weight Loss Wednesday here on Grumpyishmum.

Last week in general was much better than the week before for me, mainly down to the distinct lack of having flu.

That also meant the return of my appetite and so I must confess that this week hasn’t been my best. I’ve maintained, which is disappointing for week two! I won’t be deterred though! I have the task of writing next week’s meal plan on my to-do list for tomorrow and I hope to stick to the plan – more or less! On the up side I have been able to get back to exercise, though it is a slow return. I’ve gone back to Sling Swing but we’re not doing as many dog walks on account of the weather and Squidge having had a bit of a cold. I’m sure that as the weather picks up though we will be able to venture out more.

Last week

Huge thanks to Sim and Hayley for being lovely linkers last week. Hayley is all about the prep with her wedding diet, and it’s working! Sim is back on it too with a renewed sense of purpose, slotting the New You plan really easily into her hectic life. What she really wants though is a new home gym!

Weight Loss Wednesday

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