The cost of Home Education

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We’ve been a home educating family for almost 12 months now and one thing that has surprised me was the varying costs of resources and activities.

Most of the boys’ learning around the core curriculum subjects is done via online resources. For maths, we use Maths-Whizz and for literacy we like Literacy Planet.

These programmes are both subscription based and we do feel they’re worth the money. We have apps and programmes for history, coding, science, geography and also sites that provide just good old educational fun games. One of our favourite general sites for learning via games is Busy Things – it’s linked to the curriculum too which makes my record keeping life a lot easier!

We are fortunate in that home educating families are often offered discounted rates for access to these educational resources, but costs can soon mount up, especially when more than one subscription needs renewing at once.

Another cost is that of outings, classes and travel. We spend a lot more now on fuel for the cars than we used to because many home education classes are up to half an hours drive away. On the plus side, this means we have made new friends all over the local and not-quite-as-local area, and that has been great for the boys.

Aside from these things, I’ve found that we are spending a lot more on food. With three boys in the house I feel like I’m buying food on a daily basis, but that’s just the alternative to paying for school dinners!

I think overall I would say that home education is more costly than sending the boys to school, but not by a huge amount. I think that up and down the country, people need emergency cash for things like unexpected bills rather than expenses like these, and I can’t see us ever having to worry about not being able to meet the costs associated with this lifestyle choice.

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