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It’s been an interesting first month of home education in our house. There have been some hurdles and it has been a steep learning curve for us all. At times I felt like I was in danger of pulling all my hair out and I better start googling FUE hair transplant cost – but actually, we’re doing just fine.

There are lots of ways to support your children’s learning at home whether theybare home educated or not. We use a mixture of life learning, which is just learning through our every day, online resources, group classes and tutors. We’ll be bring in more tutored work sessions as the boys get older too.

I originally planned to do very little actual sit down learning with the boys for the first few weeks, but I found that after just a few days they were asking for ‘work’ to do. So we set about working on a project together about cycling, bikes, and endurance athlete Mark Beaumont. Mark was actually home educated throughout his primary years so it was very fitting to begin our journey with a project about him. Tomorrow, July 2nd 2017, Mark is set to embark on an 80 day long journey around the world – on his bike! We’ll be keeping up to date with his progress on twitter throughout. Good luck Mark!

Twinkl, as always when we do any project, was my go-to resource bank and I wasn’t disappointed. They have a whole host of worksheets, power point presentations and fun activities relating to Mark Beaumont and it was so easy and so quick to print everything off and have it ready in next to no time.

So here’s what we got up to in our first week!


I only printed off a few and I didn’t make the boys do all of them – only what they chose to do. They completed around half of the sheets I gave them, but were mostly just keen to do the word search! On the Twinkl website you can create your own word searches if you are a platinum member so we do these quite a lot.

BMX track day

We met up with some new home ed friends to try out some bikes around a track. Badger absolutely loved this and we couldn’t get him off the track! Definitely something he’d like to do again.

Bike Maintenance

This was something the boys did with Dad, and he is rubbish at remembering to take photos sometime so I’m afraid there aren’t any. However, they looked at different parts of a bike, how everything works and looked at some basic maintenance such as checking tyres and chains.

If you’d like to follow Mark’s adventure, catch him on twitter here.

If you’d like to see more wonderful resources from Twinkl, they’re right here!

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