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My 7 year old has been learning to tell the time recently. We have used an assortment of methods from games to worksheets, and each activity has helped to compound his learning. The one thing you absolutely have to have when teaching the time though is a good clock.

A good teaching clock is different to a regular clock. It has to be a good size, and the numbers need to be large enough to see if the clock is up on the wall. We need to be able to suss out ‘past’ and ‘to’ very easily and the quarter and half marks are a great help as well.

The EasyRead Time Teacher clock has all of those things, and it really does do its job perfectly. Though we had made a start on time telling here at home, something just wasn’t slotting into place. We were struggling a bit to crack time telling. Within ten minutes of following the EasyRead Time Teacher method of telling the time, both boys were brilliant!

How does it work?

The method used with EasyRead Time Teacher is a three step process.

  1. Read the number at the end of the long hand
  2. Say which side the long hand is pointing to – is it ‘to’ or ‘past’?
  3. Read the number on the end of the short hand

It’s a simple as that, but for more on time teaching methods have a look at EasyRead Time Teacher’s advice page.

There are other products besides the clock available from EasyRead Time Teacher – we have the Past & To Mini Classroom Wall Clock but there are larger versions of these, available in an assortment of colours. The clocks can also be bought in French, Italian and Spanish so they’re perfect for multi-level learning too.

You can also buy matching watches which are a great help as the children can quickly and easily tell the time for themselves – without relying on the digital clock of a mobile phone!

Another time teaching tool from EasyRead Time Teacher is the TwinTime. These are double sided ‘hands on’ learning resources that can help children to learn to tell the time.  A double sided write on wipe off PVC clock card with hands on both sides, one side shows ‘minutes past and to the hour’ and the other side shows ’12 and 24 hour time’.  These can be used to practice setting the time on the clock face and writing the time underneath. We have one of these as well as the clock, and the boys like to challenge one another with quick fire games; one calls out a time and the other has to set the clock correctly as fast as he can!

Overall thoughts

These time teaching clocks and associated tools have helped the boys to really cement their time telling skills. They both now have asked for a watch as before they simply were not interested in learning about time, but with their new knowledge they have a confidence they didn’t have before – and a new skill ticked off the ‘to learn’ list!

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