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I love learning. I learn alongside the boys as we enjoy home education and as a blogger I feel I am constantly learning new things. It’s great to garner knowledge about a subject of interest. I particularly like shorter, bite-sized learning courses and recently NCC Home Learning asked if I would like to try one of their online learning courses. Of course I said yes – what a great opportunity!

I chose their Counselling Diploma, a distance learning course described by NCC as follows;

This online Counselling Diploma course will introduce you to important counselling skills. These skills can be used every day, in the work setting or in preparation for one-to-one counselling sessions. 

I’ve thought for a long time that when my children are a little older and life is perhaps somewhat quieter for me, I would like to take up counselling as a profession. I thought this course would give me a really good idea as to whether or not I’d be any good at it, or if I would actually enjoy it!

This course is currently on offer at £250.00 (as of October 2017) and payment can be made in installments or in full. The course can also be paper-based or wholly online.

First impressions

The website is really easy to navigate. After logging in with the username and password provided, my course was ready and waiting for me. The four modules are broken down under Dashboard>My Courses and are accessed very easily.

You literally click on the module you’re working on and a PDF will download. I like to print them off as I get less distracted when working offline. I also like to make notes on the pages which is far simpler on a printout than a screen!

The course content is well written and easily understood. There is no unnecessary jargon or waffling, which is great. What I like about the NCC course is that there are exercises to complete almost straight away, meaning you are really, properly learning from the off. You have to be paying proper attention to be able to complete the small activities so I find that my attention doesn’t wander as easily as if I had reams of paper to read through before answering any questions.

This NCC Home Learning course takes an average of 200 hours to complete so I’m hoping to sit down and work on it for a few hours each week. Spare time is something of a precious commodity in this house so little and often is the answer for me. Having said that, I do find the course content to be interesting enough for me to want to spend longer on it.

I’ll write an update when I’m about half way through the course and again once it’s finished. I hope my enthusiasm carries through right to the end!

Thank you to NCC Home Learning for allowing me complimentary access to this course for the purpose of this review.

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