Nature Craft: Frozen Nature Ornament

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I saw this craft being shared in one of the many, many facebook groups I’m a members of. As much as I wish I could credit whoever gave me the idea I’m sorry but I just can’t find it again now!

This is a really simple activity. It only takes five minutes or so and it looks really pretty.

My grandma had received a Christmas bouquet this year and the flowers had all but died. Within the arrangement though were some berries, pine cones, pine needles and a couple of other festive decorations.

We recycled most of the bouquet but snipped off a few bit and pieces first. Robot added them to a cake mould and we found some ribbon to put in it too, to make a handle. Then we poured the water into the mold until it was full before spilling lots on the floor on the way to the freezer and having to top it up. Top tip there for you!

We left the frozen nature ornament in the freezer overnight and I hoped it would turn out as well as it did on the image I’d originally seen. It did, and we were really pleased with it!

We had used a silicone cake mold so we just peeled it off. If you used a metal one though and are struggling to get the ornament out, just leave it out for a little while until the ornament begins to melt, and it should come out easily enough.

Robot and I were really pleased at how well our frozen nature ornament turned out, and he chose to hang it on our very bare tree outside the house. The tree is directly outside our front window so we were able to watch it slowly melt away throughout the day. It seemed kind of a shame to see our lovely decoration disappear but we enjoyed making it anyway!

I wonder if we might try to make a similar ornament in the summer months and compare how quickly each one melts in the differing temperatures! It wouldn’t be a very well controlled experiment unless we used exactly the same nature pieces and hung it at exactly the same time of day, and a host of other factors, but I’m sure it would demonstrate the point regardless.

Why don’t you try out this ‘cool’ craft and let me know how it goes! I’d love for you to tweet me a photo of your frozen nature ornament – you can find me @LancsKaren over on twitter.

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