A trip to Bounce Central, Swinton

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One of our favourite places to meet up with other home educating families is at one of the local trampoline parks. Every few weeks we’ll get together with some of the boys’ friends and go during a weekday afternoon. This means it’s pretty quiet apart from a few toddlers, but the little people have their own designated bouncing area anyway, so everyone is happy. Incidentally, if you have a toddler and are local to Bounce Central, they do a great deal during school hours – £5 entry and a meal included… and a parent goes free!

The boys love trampoline parks. They especially love these trips with having the run of the place for the most part, plus I always cave in and treat them to a slush when we go. I find they’re generally quite sensible at places like this. They know the importance of watching safety videos and I’ve probably told them 100 times to take proper care or they’ll end up injured, so they are pretty good. I’ve also seen people wearing a knee sleeve, to give them a little extra support.

Bounce Central isn’t the biggest park we’ve visited, nor the fanciest, but the staff are super friendly and helpful, the cafe serves some decent food and there is ample parking.

Inside the converted unit are interconnecting trampolines, basket ball lanes, air bag and roller blocks, and for toddlers there are soft toys to play with whilst on the trampolines. The only thing I would change really is that I would put a gate at the top of the steps into the trampoline park because every time we’re there there is some toddler or another trying to escape! Parents are generally very vigilant but I think a gate would be a benefit. I would say the same for the stairs up to the cafe.

Bounce Central also do birthday parties, fitness classes, and even glow nights! It’s a reasonably priced way to spend some good quality time together, have fun, and get some exercise. I’d recommend Bounce Central to anyone in the area.

What do you like to do as a family? Do you have a ‘go-to’ activity for spending quality time together?

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