How to decorate your rented home

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For many of us, the dream of owning our own home is on the backburner. It’s still there but saving up for that deposit is certainly a work in progress and it’s not going to happen overnight. So, what can you do to make your rented property feel more like your own?

Many landlords have restrictions on what you can and can’t do, and many of us don’t really want to spend vast amounts of money transforming a home that we’ll have to give back one day. So, here you’ll find a few cheap and cheerful ideas of how you can decorate your rented home and make it feel more like yours.

Your skirting boards

Your skirting boards are the bit of wood that runs along the bottom of your walls and it protects them from damage caused by furniture. But because they serve this purpose it means they can often look tired and a little grubby. If you want to cheaply replace your skirting boards then head to or you could go a step further and repaint them. A fresh lick of white or neutral coloured paint could be enough to freshen up a whole room!

Your bed linen

A quick and simple fix is to upgrade your bed linen to something that suits your personal style. You’ll be amazed at how quickly good linen can lift a dull and dreary bedroom. Pretty summer colours will always look sunny, all year round – or you could go for some crisp, fresh white linen for a hotel-chic look.

Try some papered panels

You might not have the budget or the permission to wallpaper in your property. So, meet your landlord half way and get your hands no some plywood panels. You can easily wallpaper these and then have them displayed in various rooms of the house. Behind your desk, above the fireplace etc. The beauty of it is, you can change your style and chosen patterns as often as you please!

Make your furniture personal

If the furniture in the property belongs to you, then why not give it some personality. Get yourself down to your local craft store and find some stencils you can use to brighten up your bedroom cabinet. Or try switching up the door handles or pulls if you’re not overly creative.

Statement lighting

Where it’s true that you might not be able to choose/change the positioning of the lighting in your home, you can absolutely choose what lighting you have. It could be something modern and chrome, a geometric style shade or large oversized lamps that brighten up those dark and dingy corners.

Wall stickers

If painting isn’t your thing and you fear for your deposit, then why not try adding some wall stickers to each room. They come in all shapes and sizes and various themes. You can decorate your child’s room with something playful and then personalise your living room with a famous quote. The choices and possibilities are endless.

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