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When we last decorated our bedroom our middle son was still only a toddler, so it must be five years ago at least! It’s definitely time for change and so I’ve been gadding about Pinterest for some ideas.

These are the kinds of colours I’m thinking about – warm but not bright, relaxing and calming blues, greens and maybe some greys but not too much.

Our bedroom used to be a large one but over the years it has been partitioned to make two small rooms. This gives us very little space for storage so we need to be clever in our planning.

I love the idea of an ottoman bed actually, so we can keep clothes and bedding in there and save lots of space. I think we’ll go for white furniture and bed styles to keep the colour scheme light.


The wallpaper we currently have is quite heavily patterned but it’s only one one wall. The other three are brilliant white, so the pattern is not too much. I think we”ll go for a similar idea this time too, as I thought it worked well this way.


With a patterned wall behind the bed, I think a plain bedding would work best. I’m always looking around for good deals on bedding because there’s nothing like the feeling you get when you sink into a bed made with freshly bought, brand new bedding!


If I can get curtains to match the bedding then I probably will, but the one thing I’m going to be looking for this time around is that whatever curtains we buy have blackout lining! I used to be able to sleep anywhere, any time but since having the children that is almost impossible. With lighter nights and early sunrises our room seems to be constantly light, so blackouts are top of my list.


Our bedroom carpet is red. Like, properly red. It matches the patterned wallpaper now but it isn’t going to match anything else we choose when we decorate this time around. We’ll choose a more neutral colour next time!

How do you brighten up a tired room? What colour schemes are your favourites? I’ll happily welcome tips over on my facebook page or in the comments here on this blog post!

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  1. Hi Karen,
    My husband and I always wanted to have a simple bedroom, we wanted white and grey walls and the bed would just be the focal point, so we wanted nice printed beddings. 😉
    Thanks for sharing.

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