Living Arrows 2018: Week One

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It’s a brand new year and after a hectic few weeks I can finally write some blog posts that aren’t to do with reviewing toys and games. The boys all got everything they wanted (and didn’t know they wanted) at Christmas and everyone was happy with what Father Christmas brought. We’ve just been through Chrimbo Limbo when nobody knew what day it was and selection box chocolate was served with most meals, and now we are more than ready to get back to some kind of normality.

I’ve never joined in with Living Arrows before, but it’s a weekly post containing a photo/some photos of the children from the past seven days. I’d like to keep up with it all year but if I don’t… so be it. I am determined to put less pressure on myself this year.

So this week was a good photo opportunity week what with it being the festive season. I always have photos of Squidge but not always of the older two – I’m hoping that Living Arrows will prompt me to remember to get a few extra snaps of them.

Robot can be a very serious looking little dude so I was really pleased to capture this cheeky face this week! He loves a sofa day and that’s what we were doing today after the chaos that was Christmas and New Year.

This photo of Squidge is one of my favourites from the last week. He loves his little old chair. It’s well worn but it’s his favourite place to sit. This outfit is a new one from Joules that I’ll be talking about later in the week.

This photo of Badger is one of only three I’ve taken of him this week. He received a full set of rocks and minerals at Christmas and had the fossils box out today. I love to see him concentrating like this, you can almost see the new knowledge sinking in.

Next week we’re getting back into some kind of routine and hopefully we’ll be getting out and about to take some lovely photos.

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  1. Ha ha I so know what you mean about writing posts which aren’t about reviewing toys or games. I have yet to review two items already this year but it’s a welcome break from having piles of products to shoot and write up. Happy New Year x

  2. So lovely to see another new face joining in with Living Arrows and you really shouldn’t put pressure on yourself – that’s my aim this year too! I can’t wait to see your children grow through the year x

  3. Its also our first time joining in too, so hopefully we can encourage each other, that’s a cracking smile in the first photo, you did well to get an older child to smile!

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