Living Arrows 2018: Week Three

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Last week I was so late I almost missed linking up with Donna’s Living Arrows, but this week I am ready!

It’s been a fairly uneventful week here, which is quite unusual for us. I think we’re struggling to get back into our routines at the moment. My husband has a new job which requires him to work all kinds of odd days and hours so sometimes he is at home with us when he wouldn’t usually have been before. We’re working towards some kind of new normal I think.

I’ve just been looking through this week’s photos and I am so sad to realise that I haven’t taken a single photograph of my eldest this week. I guess that’s what this linky is about though – being mindful of the photographs you’re taking and not missing out on capturing memories. It’s harder when they’re older I think because they’re not constantly by your side. In the coming week, I’ve vowed to take lots of photographs of Badger.

So I’m cheating a bit with this photograph but I do really love it and it was taken just over a week ago, so not too far out of the week just gone! Let’s call it poetic licence…

Our weekly veg box had just been delivered and the boys were delving right in before I could even see what we had! I’m fortunate that they like fruit and most vegetables, but show them a mushroom and they’ll run a mile!

This photo of Squidge captures a rare moment of calm. He’s always toddling around at 100 mph but on this day he decided to just sit and watch Paw Patrol. He only lasted about five minutes before he was tearing around again! He loves his giant lion, and so do I! It’s incredibly soft and great as a pillow when I’m comfy on the sofa.

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  1. Ah we are huge fans of Paw Patrol too! And it’s so good that the older ones love fruit and veg – so many children’s won’t touch the stuff! x

  2. We get a veg box delivery too and its fab, its so nice to know that we always have veg in, no matter what happens! My littles will eat the raw mushroom, but the second its cooked they won’t touch it! Its hard to remember to take photos some weeks isnt it? We have the same problem with my older children already, and they are only almost 7 & 8!

  3. Ive got a new phone and I swear its helping me take more photos. It can be tough with everything you have going on as a family so dont beat yourself up. Love the look of the lion and we are a little paw patrol mad here too! #LivingArrows

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