Living Arrows 2018: Week Two

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It’s been a fairly quiet week for me this week, but quite a busy one for my 10 year old, who went on a road trip with his dad. It was a work trip, so they didn’t get chance to do much sight seeing really, but Badger had a great time. They covered England, France, Belgium, Holland and Germany over just three days. They certainly slept well when they got back!

This was Badger and his dad in the hotel. The beer was Daddy’s, of course! Badger picked up a few German words wholst he was there, particularly ‘danke’ which gave me Mum Pride. 

While the big boys were away though we had lots of fun of our own! 

This cheeky monkey tricked me into thinking he was asleep in the lounge. His cheeky face when he jumped up and scarpered upstairs really tickled me! 

I took the youngest two to a party this week. It was supposed to be for Robot to attend but Squidge found plenty to keep him entertained too. I adore this photo of him playing peep in one of the play houses. He’s obsessed with opening and closing things at the moment and so these shutters made his day! 

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  1. The road trip sounds amazing and he must have had so much fun. I can’t believe how big Squidge is looking now. I think all that hair makes him look like a proper little boy 🙂

    1. He really did enjoy himself! I had baby’s hair cut a couple of months ago and he looked SO much more grown up – it needs doing again but I just can’t bring myself to take him haha x

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