Children, dreams and sleep tips

Since Badger suffered from night terrors when he was younger, I have been conscious of the quality of sleep my children get. I’ve always tried to make sure they go to bed happy, because I know that whatever is on their minds can impact on their dreams. I suffered terrible

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Game review: Googly Eyes

University Games is a favourite brand in our house and one of their newest releases is Googly Eyes. A family game suitable for players aged 7 and over, we thought we would give it a try after tea when Auntie Laura came to stay. Aim of the game You put

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meal plan slimming world

Meal plan: week one

Squidge is eight weeks old in a couple of days. He’s still only very young but the fact is that I can’t put off my weight loss plan any longer. We fly to Florida next spring for the kids’ first holiday abroad and I don’t want to be body conscious,

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