Five alternative Advent calendar ideas

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I love a chocolate Advent calendar when December 1st rolls around each year, and I’m sure this year will be no different. But for those of us who prefer a little more substance in our daily Advent treats, what other options are out there? I’ve picked five alternative Advent calendar ideas to give you an idea for something a little bit different.

Haynes DIY Radio

Perfect for anyone who loves fiddling with wires. The parent who fixes everything, the grandparent who taught you everything you know about wiring or the budding teenage electrician in the family. After 24 days they will have their own working radio! It will need some housing once it’s complete, but imagine listening to Christmas music on the radio you made from scratch. It’d be pretty cool!


One of the best Advent calendar ideas I’ve seen this year is the cheese advent calendar Asda are doing. With a mini cheese behind each door it would be perfect to give to the cheese lover on your life! Plus it was designed by a blogger so I like it even more.


Ohhhh, gin. Morrisons have launched their Gin-mas Advent calendar, within which you will find 24 gin miniatures. I’m not sure I’d fancy drinking a gin every day of the month, but I reckon I’d have no issue stockpiling one or two to enjoy at the weekends!


For all the years I’ve been a parent I’ve wanted to buy the children a Playmobil Advent calendar. When the older two were smaller I couldn’t really justify the £25 per calendar. They aren’t interested in Playmobil any more though and the youngest isn’t really old enough. Still, I think they’re totally sweet and I wonder if maybe next year I will splash out on one for Squidge. He’ll be almost two and a half then so might actually understand the whole concept. To be honest though, I’ll probably buy it just for me!

Make Your Own

I saw a blog post on Sim’s Life this week and I thought this was an awesome idea. IKEA have ‘Make Your Own’ Advent kits which is totally up my street. Sim has some excellent ideas on how to fill them and it really got me thinking about what the boys and I could do with a project like this. I think we’ll probably do our own version of these this year.

I’ll be sure to share with you lovely readers when I’ve finished them!

Do you have an Advent calendar? Do you make your own? What would your dream Advent calendar be filled with?


  1. Awwww yey! Glad I could inspire you lovely! I really don’t know why I hadn’t thought about it before, but I really enjoyed making the Itty Bitty calendar last year. It’s more meaningful and the presents last a little longer than chocolate… I noticed that the chocolate calendar would go days with being opened! However… for an adult calendar I am really liking the cheese option! 😉 xx

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