Fruitbat Fred

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He’s cool, he’s fresh, he’s really neat

The kind of bat you’d like to meet

He sleeps by day just like a fox

But after dark fills your lunch box

With fruit and tasty yogurt treats

A bat like this you cannot beat!

We heard about a fun challenge set by Tots100 and Plum to create a healthy superhero. The challenge was for pre-schoolers but we like to work as a team in this house (nobody wants to miss anything!) so together we sat down and discussed how to be healthy. We decided that football is good for us, as is walking the dog (you can see what we spend our time doing at the weekend!) but that as well as exercise we must also take care to eat foods that are kind to our bodies.

Our favourite healthy foods are:





trees (broccoli to the uneducated)

white trees (take a wild guess)


and we love to drink water too.

And so here is Fruitbat Fred. We are big bat fans in this house and so a bat-shaped hero was very fitting for us.

But Fred is no ordinary bat – oh no!

Fred’s head is a grape!

Fruitbat head

Fred’s body is a raspberry and a blackberry stuck together!


Fred’s arms and legs are …

… well, they’re just arms and legs, silly.

Fred really is the fruitiest fruitbat in town.

whole bat

Fruitbat Fred has some really awesome powers. He also REALLY needs a pedicure.

During the night, if your mum or dad has forgotten to buy¬†fruit for your fridge Fruitbat Fred IMAGINES fruit into your kitchen! From right outside your house! How clever is that?! He’s the one that makes fruit taste SO good too because his magical fruit has extra added YUM!

Thank goodness for Fruitbat Fred!

You know what else makes Fruitbat Fred so awesome? He doesn’t just like fruit. He’s very generous and likes to make sure you get everything you need.

  • If he uses his X-Ray vision on your fridge or lunchbox and sees that you don’t have any yogurt – he’ll send some!
  • If he sees you don’t have cereal in your cupboard – he’ll zap some of that into your kitchen too!
  • And you know what? He LOVES vegetables. Every night, he checks your kitchen for those too. But he can’t carry everything – he’ll leave a note for your parents if you’re short on vegetables so they can nip to the supermarket. (He’s super, but he’s not that super. Give the guy a break.)

So the next time you open your lunch box on a picnic, or sit at the table at midday and you have healthy food on your plate, think of Fruitbat Fred. He’ll be fast asleep on his broccoli bed in his coconut cave, dreaming of fruit.

This is our very silly entry into the Tots100/Plum Mighty Moments Challenge.

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